Locks for glass

To ensure the safety of your belongings stored in rooms we also supply the hardware to lock glass constructions. Our products meet all safety requirements and protect your property. They are suitable for closing offices, shops and private housing.

We are manufacturers of sophisticated locking systems hidden in the latches and leversfor:

– Glasses / full glass doors
– Aluminum and PVC doors
– Wooden doors
– Steel doors

This locking system ensures simple, aesthetic and safe closing of all doors both sliding and hinged doors.

* The locks can be assembled at any height in floor and ceiling. Many insurance companies require to insure that the room is protected by such locks. While making your project you should take this into account.

Hinges from ng system can be used with the cylinders of the following companies: KABA, KESO, EVVA, ABUS, KEMAZ.

Quality and functionality of our hardware is by ofi Technologie & Innovation GmbH tested (Research Institute in Vienna). The test cycle amounted of 100,000 times opening and closing the lock.

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