Glass balustrades

Fixing systems – glass balustrades

The main element in glass constructions and glass balustrades is glass. Glass combines functionality and elegance. On the one hand glass provides the space of an optical experience of an open space on the other hand its safety function fulfilling. We offer stainless steel assembly parts and lines for glass railings. The use of assembly pieces for the design and construction of glass structures is inevitable. A wide range of attachment points provides the customer with a wide choice and the ability to develop original solutions for projects.

Attachment points can be used for the separate attachment of glass parts, or for the connection with already existing glass constructions. They are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. The stainless steel used in the production ensures durability and elegance of the whole construction. We provide advice on the selection of the glass and the placement of the door fitttings. For more information please contact our office.