When buying in the store the customer agrees to the company?s policy and conditions.


1. Company Name:

ul. Bielska 31
43-356 Bujaków

Biuro i produkcja:

ul.Żeromskiego 38 B

32-650 Kęty

TEL. (33)810 80 67
NIP: 547-013-25-23

2. All amounts indicated in the shop are net amounts (containing no VAT).

3. Orders can be made via the web shop or in person at our office at ul. Żeromskiego 38 in Kęty. The proposed offer concerns Polish territory.

4. Condition for the realization of an order is to give a telephone number, which makes it possible to confirm the order by the customer. An order not confirmed runs the risk of not to being realized.


5. To receive an invoice with VAT the entry data must be delivered by the ordering company.

6. The average realization of an order is 24 hours to 4 days. In case that the ordered products are not on stock, delivery may take a longer period of time over which the customer will be notified. In case of special orders the customer can be asked for a deposit.

7. Orders are delivered by courier or can be collected personally at ul. Żeromskiego 38 B in Kęty.

8. Orders may be paid in the following ways:
– By bank transfer to the company bank account (delivery takes place after payment of the amount due on the business account)
– Cash payment to our office at ul. Żeromskiego 38 B Kęty


9. All products purchased are new and covered under the manufacturer’s guarantee (minimum 12 months) or its representative. The warranty can be directly recovered from the manufacturer or its representative.

10. Upon the receipt of the supplies you need to check whether the packaging is not damaged during transit. Claims of damage during transport can only occur, on basis of a protocol, which supplier or employee of the Polish Post carry in case of damage during delivery.

11. In case of defects, production damage or missing components replacement of the product is guaranteed under the condition that it is returned within 7 days of receipt of the delivery.

12. It is possible to return the product within 10 days of receipt to without reason. The goods must be returned without damage or signs of use in the undamaged factory packaging. The cost of the return delivery are paid by the purchaser.

13. Orders can also be canceled when to unforeseen circumstances it is not timely manufactured. The customer will be informed in time by phone or mail about any delays.

14. Cancelled orders are at latest one working day after receipt of the cancellation refunded.

15. Invoice or receipt will be delivered by Polish post within 7 working days after the making of an order.